The company was founded in 2007 and gradually grew into a remarkable service delivery establishment.

We are able to focus on service delivery, technical skills and good people skills to succeed satisfactory from as many clients as we can handle.

The purpose of the company is to provide electrical consulting (MV & LV) / PFC / generator solutions to customers in terms of specialized equipment integration in old and new plants in order to provide efficient and high performance power systems.

The Company has recognised of the need to provide power quality delivery and providing solutions to reduce production loss for industrial plants. Measurement is done with monitoring voltage and current providing system and loading information. The measurements are designed to provide information to design possible solutions. Load conditions are analysed with the performance of the equipment used in the load-installed base.

The reduction of expensive peak demand loads and the compensation of reactive power can immediately cut down the electricity bill.

We specialize in the build, installation, commissioning and on-site service of all types of Generators.
We have a good tracking record of existing maintenance contracts in place.

We recognise maintenance risks and also offer an on-site service to all types of transformers and switch gear.

We provide a turnkey solution to meet the customer’s requirements and strive to deliver excellent service to the best of our ability.

Bright B has the potential to deliver and coach people to an understanding of what they have purchased and need to purchase by means of proper site assessments and providing a solution to the customer’s best interest.